Jerusalem Houses 1980s


1980s Jerusalem from Stephen McGuiganThanks to Stephen McGuigan for sending in and sharing this photo, which was taken in the early 1980s, from High Blantyre’s Forres Street, looking over towards Main Street.

The photo demonstrates exactly why this housing estate, built in 1970, had a local nickname of being “The Jerusalem Houses”, a term some people still use today despite the modern pitched roofs added later.

On social media, a flurry of response:

Trisha Mcginty Oh brings bk memories 👍

 John Daly Stephen any relation to my Auntie Bridget of the same name, who stayed in one of these houses?

Stephen McGuigan My Mums called Bridget but known as Bridie, but my Gran was known as Bridget and stayed in Kirkton Ave. I think it’s more likely my Gran you are thinking off

John Daly Hmm. Known as “Bridie”?

Ina Sanders i lived in caithness street

Helen Williams I lived in no 1 Caithness Street, that was 1972

Mark Lynn John Daly Auntie Bridget stayed in Kirkton avenue.

John Daly Well remembered!

Alan Dorricott I stayed in the flats in Kirkton Avenue for most of my childhood. Great memories from there

Debbie Miller My Aunty Jean Nimmo was move to these houses with her husband Sam when their house in low Blantyre was resumed for the motorway…

David Baillie My Auntie and uncle stayed there there names where John & Annie McKeen and had a good friend that stayed there also a David Lewis aka Freck

Frank Wylie I knew freck

Helen Williams Was my first house, 1972 No 1 Caithness St

Tracy Stirling Street i was brought up in. Great memories. Mum n dad still stay there. 😊

Janette Innes McElwee My uncle and family lived there when I came to Canada, long time ago.xx

Ronnie Woods Lived at no 42Forres st

Barbara Kerr Lived at 24 Caithness St.

Andy Hilston Loved

Gerard Henderson Could be bits of the ‘Nauld.

Jane Johnstone Remember it well!

Isabella Williamson Lived at 215 Kirkton Avenue

Barbara Kerr I lived at 211 Kirkton Avenue

Kirsty Rooney Many happy memories growing up in Waverley Terrace!

George Cox Left Blantyre in 67. I’ve no idea where this is

The Blantyre Project George – it was where Priestfield Farm used to be, and you would have known this in the 1960s to be only fields in High Blantyre, just off Main Street.

Christine Wallace That’s what my dad used to call them!

George Buchanan Many football’s a lost trying to punt ma fitba from front eh house into back garden lol

The Blantyre Project i’v heard occasional stories of sunbathing and garden parties on those roofs!

Stephen McGuigan There always seemed to be someone’s roof blown off after a big gale. Once the wind got under a corner it didn’t take long to strip off surprisingly large chunks

Drew Anderson My house was 1 of they roofs blew off we even made the news on the tele about it lol

George Cox Thanks for that. I use to go up the Calder as a youngster and most of that part of High Blantyre was indeed fields. Spent all day having great times. Thanks for the memory as BH would say

Len Northfield New Jerusalem.

Susan Flannigan Mayes Happy days Bernadette Keenan. Playing outdoors all summer.

Bernadette Keenan They were brilliant times Susan Flannigan Mayes, that’s when kids knew how to play outside all day in the summer holidays . Lovely memories of the fun we had back then 😃

Susan Flannigan Mayes The flat roof makes a great loft floor ask my mum !

Bernadette Keenan It must be huge !!!

Bernadette Keenan I lived in 11 Forres Street very happy childhood memories . We were the first tenants in that house and lived there until I was 16 , loads of memories in that house 💕

Barry Watt Funny to see them like this again. I was in Sutherland street my folks only just moved recently, it was a sad day.

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  1. Similar design houses in Meenan Park Derry City .North of Ireland .

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