Boys on Craighead Viaduct 1963

This photo is kindly shared her by Anthony Smith whose father took the photo on 15th June 1963. Anthony is one of the boys, pictured standing on the Craighead Viaduct. His family moved that year to Coatshill. Photographed from the Blantyre side of the River Clyde at Craighead Railway Viaduct, this was a dangerous time to be standing on that bridge. Trains overhead had stopped running the previous decade, but the pedestrian walkway pictured was fast becoming unsafe, with many wooden slats missing. I suspect Anthony’s father would only permit the boys to stand on the edge for this photo.

1963 was an important year for the viaduct, for 6 months later, the walkway and railway were demolished, leaving only the piers.

1963 15th June Craighead Viaduct Anthony Smith

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Gord Fotheringham Walked the viaduct over and under many times….

Moyra Lindsay Only once!

Jimmy Hislop I remember walking across it in 61-62 heading for Bothwell. You had to be very careful of the missing slats!

Andy Callaghan This gives a clear view of the outside girders we used to climb along to cross the river. I’d have been about 13 or 14. Makes my blood run cold now to think about it.

Joyce Galloway I remember John Hog the newsagent taking my brother & myself over the Viaduct with the train trundling along the top the noise was horrendos & my brother was terrified. Mr, Hogg thought it was funny.
The Blantyre Project Whats your memories of this viaduct?

Andy Callaghan When I was wee boy, 5yo, I walked over this bridge regularly with my Dad n older brother. 20 odd years later the last walk I ever went with my Dad was across the old David Livingstone. Bridge, up the steep hill into Bothwell and along the disused railway line till we arrived at the piers of the old viaduct. We just sat there for a while, watching the river n sharing a smoke. My Dad died just a couple of months later.

Alan Baird memories eh ? thats a lovely way to mind your dad

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