Baby Boo – by James Cornfield 2006

“Baby Boo”, a poem by James Cornfield 2006

A rather personal poem by James Cornfield, I believe for his grandchild.

Where hast thou come from Baby Boo?
From beyond the rainbow, just for you.

Where did thee get that sweet little tear?
Tis a raindrop from the cloud, that brought me here.

Where did thee get thine eyes so blue?
From the sky in the heavens, as I can to thru’.

Whence came that sparkle in thine eye?
From the brightest star in the midnight sky.

Thy skin is so soft, dost thou know why?
Gods soft hands touched me, as I passed by.

Whence came thy dimples on face and knee?
From two of Gods tears that fell me.

Why is that lovely smile so bliss?
All the angels in heaven, gave me a kiss.

Where did thee get thy shell like ear?
God spoke to me, and it came out hear.

Whence came thy legs, hands and arms?
God gave them to me as part of my charms.

Whence came thy feet my darling thing?
From the same box as the Cherubs wing.

Why did these things, come to be?
Thy love for each other, brought them to be.

Why were thou sent to us my dear?
God heard my prayer and bade me come hear.

What shall thy name be thy little one?
That will depend if I be daughter or son.

The choice of a name has not been easy.
I’m glad that mum and dad chose Evie!

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