Annie Docherty at Caldervale


1920 Annie Docherty at 9 CaldervaleAnne Dorrian recently shared this photo on Finmeoot Friends Page. Pictured in 1920 is Annie Docherty (nee Longworth). Looking at the 1930 Valuation roll, Robert Longworth was renting number 9 Caldervale Terrace, (at Finmeoot near Blantyreferme), the owner being A.G.Moore Coalmasters.

Next door at number 8 were the Dicksons, and at number 10 were the McGintys.

Robert Longworth was then leasing the house for an annual rent of £9 and 10 shillings.

Whilst these kids were born in Blantyre, due to the location of Caldervale mining village, they schooled in Newton, and shopped with families mostly in Uddingston.

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Elizabeth Weaver Love her shiny wee shoes with what looks like button fastenings. We still had buttons on our best shoes in the early 50s and they needed a button hook to fasten them – job for an adult!

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