1978 Matt Boyles Pub Team


1978 Matt Boyles Football TeamThanks to John McDermott was sharing this photo of Matt Boyle’s Pub Football Team.

The date is June 1978 and the photo was taken in Low Blantyre. Front row left to right is: Jackie Dunsmuir, Gerry Summers, Robert (Rab) Stewart, Mick Martin, Mick McGaulley and Danny Scully

Back row left to right is: Pat Mc Connell standing with a suit on, Arthur Devine, John McDonald, Daniel (Danny) Allan, Bill Reid who was the goalkeeper, Gerry McAleenan, Thomas (Tam) Kelly, John McSorley, Sookie Mullen (coach).

John told me, “This was the Pub league cup final. Matt Boyles were in the final against Glenlee and went on to for a Blantyre win!”

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Isabel McGranaghan My brother Arthur Devine and cousin Mick Martin

Jim Cochrane Toni Duff

Andrew Hill Magic

Davy Starrs back row 3rd from left …tam kelly.and big pat mconnell back 1st left,manager of the pub .a pure gentleman.

Davy Starrs went to school with mick martin,danny scully used to compere and sing with me in matt boyles ,along with big pat behind te bar.a fantastic pub and great people.

Jim Brown Some team and some pub smile emoticon

Jamie Nicol Martha Scully

Marion Anderson My brother- in- law,Hugh Kelly’s ,favourite watering hole in the 50’s and 60’s

Susan Dorricott John Mcsorley 😂😂

Martha Scully Great pic x

Steven Shanks Robert Duncan

Janet Mcmillan My dad drank in that pub Robert latta it was his local before we moved to England in 1978

James Shevlin THE VILLAGE BAR WOULD HAVE HAMMERED THEM ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Mhairi McGaulley Bottom row second from the right; Michael McGaulley. Clare Michelle Paul.

Michelle Mcgaulley THANKS MHAZ GREAT PIC X

Joe Kane Cracking photo Arthur divine back row a fantastic player just like all the guys in that team .👍

Gary Brown Mary Summers

Mary Summers That wisnae yesterday Gary x

Steven Brown Paul Summers Darren Summers Kerry Summers check yer auld man 😀

Ronnie Kelly I played 5’s for Peter Maguires team at that time and played against a lot of these guys,mick martin, tam kelly wee mick and soothe mullen.we always ended up in matt Boyle,s for wee drink (sometimes before we played ) always had a laugh with sookie and his patter !! Those were the days.

Stephen Kelly Paul Mullen Ryan McDonald William Kelly. Is that oor Tommy in this picture?

Linda Ruby Marshall Paula Ryan Maggie ur granda in this pic. Maybe show ur dad x

Ryan McConnell Will do Linda…cheers x

Linda Ruby Marshall No probs x

Paula Winning Awww thanks Linda x

Linda Ruby Marshall Was James that noticed it x

Liz Anderson Josephine Scully is this Chic’s brother Danny? X  Martha Scully? X


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  1. Arthur Devine is my dad, still playing football with mates in East Kilbride

    1. I used to stay across the road from your Dad in Morris Crescent. My name is John Smith, knew your dad and his brothers and sisters well.

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