1970s The Doonin Pub

Pictured here from Jim Cochrane is the Doonin Public House in Broompark Road.

1970s doon inn

Do you known anybody? What’s your memories of the pub?

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Carole Mackie Rickard The hatch at the side of the bar, where we used to go for a glass bottle of Coke as a treat 😊

Liz Barrett Bobby Forrest n Alec fairly behind the bar

Jim Cochrane Been told the lady on the right is Mrs Chambers who had the shop at the bottom of stonefield road. The second person from the right is Douglas Cochrane

Jean Hamilton I remember the Doonin family from Craig Street they lived across the road from me my gran was nurse mcfarlane i have tried to contact one of the family on face book she wont know who i am my name was jean norris my mother was sheena macfarlane

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  1. music at the DOONIN was provided sometimes by GEORGE &LARRY,guitar &piano in the 1970s.

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