Taking away “Big H”


2014 9th November bigh

The 9th November 2014. A day recorded as being when “The Big H” was dismantled for good, taken down as an eyesore and as something of irrelevance to High Blantyre. The H symbolised “Hamilton Technology Park”, itself located in Blantyre.

To many people have a large H actually in High Blantyre and the structure was unpopular and proved to be controversial. When is started to rust not even 10 years after being put up, it became unsightly and as such contractors rolled in at the end of 2014 to take it down, leaving just the concrete foundation.

Today, well over a year on, the foundation is still exposed and whilst the roundabout is well kept, it lacks something of a feature for this spot, which was so close to Dixons former collieries.

I hope something will take its place and would love to hear Blantyre’s suggestions.

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