Redwood at Milheugh

It was on a rather dreary weekend in February 2016 that I took these photos. It’s at Milheugh, down the Calder. Pictured prominently is the large Redwood tree, that often looks out of place, but was introduced as part of the Milheugh Estate, perhaps as old as 200 years ago. It certainly towers above everything else in the area.

The single tree is on the opposite bank of the river, on the Cambuslang side, rather than Blantyre, near the former location of Milheugh orchards. Pictured in the nice green picture, rather more professionally in Summer 2013 by Jim Brown is the base of the Redwood, and also one from myself in Spring 2015, during a walkaround the Calder. (in picture Jim, Alex and Joey)

It’s easy to forget that these monster trees are out of character for this area, and you don’t appreciate or realise how immense and special they are until you’re standing right beside them looking up.

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Christine Wallace I love these giant trees. My mum planted some in our old garden and I think they are still there. I wonder if they’ll get to this height one day.

Kathy Grant I would love to go to America and walk where all those big trees are I’ve forgotten what they are called is it Redwood?? But his is great.

Christine Wallace You should do it Kathy, it’s an amazing experience.

Chris Ladds The giant Sequioa or Wellingtonia is another name. They grow really fast and are not as old as one believes, but our british climate delimited the size they can grow to according to experts. Only time will tell.

The Blantyre Project not quite as the big Californian ones!

The Blantyre Project's photo.
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Craig Hamilton The one in the picture is a coastal red wood as well.

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