Larkfield Shops 1980s


This may take a few people back. Pictured are the shops at Larkfield on Stonefield Road. Happy Season Chinese restaurant has been there for a long time and the current Scotmid then was former “Landmark”, which many people still call it today! This may be going back to the 1980s, the shops located on the site of former Robertsons Building, a large tenement.

The Semples shop is fondly remembered , JDS now moved to another location. This shop is now Drew’s Candelina Yankee Candles shop. Shop photo by Drew Semple.

Whats your memories of this block of shops?

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Drew Semple Hi Paul,believe it or not we have now had this shop in the family for 32 years.We followed Jimmy Farrell(painter and decorator)Other previous occupants were car discount centre and also Davie Macintosh carpets.This was our 3rd shop the 1st being the great Little’s Bakery,then to the rear of Elizaabeth+Douglas hairdressers.Finally settling emoticon

Stephen Allan Macintosh Carpets was on Glasgow Road which is now St Andrews Hospice shop next to Peters Family Butchers and the Sun House chinese.
Drew Semple That was his 3rd shop Stephen Allan

Stephen Allan Oh right. I Did not know that. Do you know when he moved to Glasgow Road and where his first shop was as I assume his second shop was on Stonefield Road?

Drew Semple His first shop was the one above. He then moved to bottom of stonefield rd then glasgow rd. Dont know exact year tho

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