Elliot Ancestry at the Village



Jean Pearson emailed me recently, commenting, “My Grandfather died in Blantyre  on the 20th of August  1906.  His Name was George  William  Elliot. He lived at 11 Waterloo Row Blantyre and was a coal Miner. I am trying to find an inquest report from the newspaper of that period. I would appreciate any help you could give.”

I never managed to find anything about an inquest, but did manage to find a little bit out about the history of George Elliot, which I hope you’ll find interesting.

I did manage to find an English census in 1871 showing young baby George living in Cumberland, aged 2.  I’ve attached that record for you. The only census information for George whilst in Scotland is 1901. Aged 32, he was living with wife Dinah at Mid Row, Blantyre Works Village, which was very close to Waterloo Row. He is noted as a coal miner. With them were children John 8, Lizzie 5, George 3 and Sarah M Eliott only 3 months.

Sharing the house with them was Mr. Mathias Lord. Mathias was George’s half brother (step brother) who was born in England and was noted in 1901 as being 25 years old. George died of peritonitis due to a wound during shotblasting in a mine. The injury was not fatal but he died several days later due to infection. He was 37 when he died.

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