Intellectual Copyright theft

Im sorry to have to post this tonight, but I’m SO disappointed in a particular Blantyre man tonight. ‘Ainother’ website about Blantyre has for a few weeks being revamping their ‘ain site using all the high resolution photos from Blantyre Project, that I have bought, painstakingly collected from auctions or had kindly given to me, upgrading their own low resolution sepia images without even asking or putting up a credit of sorts to Blantyre Project or the people who provided them. The images and words taken, are considered my own intellectual creations, i.e have been created, enlarged, filtered, outlined, stamped, enhanced by my effort, time and expense.

My intellectual property is being constantly stolen by this man who runs Blantyre’s Ain website (hope Google picks up this backlink). He relies almost entirely now upon harvesting information from Blantyre Project and putting it up on his, without any written acknowledgement or credit. This is NOT on and he clearly has no idea of the seriousness of his actions, despite previous soft warnings. I have taken steps online tonight to make sure this is corrected. I have no choice other than to name him and pursue the matter from a legal standpoint with a view of the user of the image paying a cost to use each photo. I note for compliance, I’ve provided a written request to this person to remove the images and wording in question.

Unfortunately, this person is of little character and has been doing this for several years, and at one time showing a lack of moralistic fibre, admitting it to me in writing with no remorse or apology. With Blantyre Project currently preparing an exclusive major exhibition, it’s now time for his plagiarism to end.

Note: I’m ALL for my narrative and Blantyre Project information of every kind being shared. That’s what its here for, but PLEASE have the common decency and courtesy to respect the ownership of photos and provide written credit to the people they belong to or who wrote the articles in the first instance. 


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  1. That is a serious breach of common decency and ethical behaviour. I hope you are able to pursue this through the legal system as it is deliberate theft. It’s a crying shame, Paul, and our thoughts are with you.

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