Mr Duncan at Little’s Building

A wonderful photo from the early 1950’s featuring Mr Duncan of Little’s Building at Larkfield, Stonefield Road.

Bill told me, “This is my dad at the coal cellars probably sweeping up after a coal delivery. Our house rear window is not visible in the photo, but it’s located to the left of the low rise wall in the background and at 90 degrees to the left is our kitchenette window.

The kitchenette was very small only room enough for one person to be inside it. To the right of the low rise wall was the rear window of the living quarters and shop which faced onto Stonefield road, of Mcleeney, (not sure of name !!) or similar. It was a very dark shop and I think they sold things like fire lighters, paraffin and maybe newspapers. To the right of the shop was a passageway or Close to the front of the building.”

I have attached a brilliantly clear photo (which I bought recently and scanned at better resolution) of the building from 1923, which shows Littles Building and the location of McLeeney’s shop, next to the wood stockpile at Little’s Joinery Yard.

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