Jane Currie Nimmo

Pictured here in her back garden (perhaps in the mid to late 1940’s) is Jane Currie Nimmo, the grandmother of Jane Davies, who sent in the photo. Jane Nimmo was born in 1869 and later in life, lived at 184 Auchinraith Road, a house not far from the junction of Main Street. This photo was taken in the back garden of that house.

The Nimmos were formerly from Auchentibber. Jane Nimmo was married to James Nimmo, a former star quoiting player.

The houses in the background are still there today, situated along Auchinraith Road, although this viewpoint from the back looks slightly different now that modern dormer windows are on most of them. The back gardens were narrow in width, but very long, just as they are today, bordering at that time on to the Nurseries and greenhouses at the corner of Main Street and Auchinraith Road.

1950s Jane Nimmo

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Sheona Thomson Brennan My mum, Martha Thomson Nee Blair grew up in Auchinraith road from 1934 till the late 50’s in the lovely cottages,
Annagail Leaman My great grandmother

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