Handball at Larkfield


Bill Duncan has kindly shared this family photo of himself and his brother Alex in the early 1950s.

It was taken at the back of Little’s Building, on Stonefield Road. Bill added, “My brother and I are sitting on the bumper of Mr Peter Savages car. This photo shows an expanded view of the rear of the building and also the buildings on the other side of Stonefield Road. One of the recreation activities at the time was to play handball. This was basically tennis against a gable end of a building using a tennis ball and a clenched hand instead of a tennis racquet. You could play with an opponent or on your own. I played for hours against the gable end of the building directly facing Dunsmuir’s (formerly Danskins) drapery, in the background of this photo.”

Little’s Buildings are now a row of single storey modern homes on Stonefield Road near the Larkfield Shop. The buildings in the background are now demolished and this is now the vacant ground across the road from the Dooninn Public House at Broompark Road.

1950s Bill and Alex Duncan at littles Building

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Janet Allan I was born at 133 Stonefield Rd little cottages xxx

The Blantyre Project Built by William and James Little. The cottages were originally known at Duneaton Cottages.

Janet Allan Thanks for information I was born in 1954 xx

Bill Duncan My address in the building was 175 Stonefield Road

The Blantyre Project Littles Building (the tenement) had address 175 and 177 Stonefield Road. Thanks again for all your memories of this building and location Bill.

Anne Lappin My address was 155 Stone field road . my grannys was 157

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