Forgotten Blantyre Names

At the start of the New Year, I encountered a document for “The Great Seal of Scotland” dating from 1598 and 1599. Of interest, there were several mentions of places which are no longer there or are unknown (certainly to me!)

The document dating at over 417 years old made reference to place names in Blantyre including:

Girnelcroft and

The document is written in Latin. I was able to translate part of it (yes, I have a higher in that ancient language, but of course it was only able to help me a little as I’ve definitely forgotten most of what I learned at school!). The entry about Wrichtland talks about homes and defences but may still be relating to somewhere out the town.

Additionally, and more certain it refers to Priestfield and Priestfieldcroft (which may be a reference to what became back Priestfield)

Now the names may not be read aloud like we would these days, but I would love to hear from anybody who had suggestions or connections to these names. Perhaps a family name, or place name, or house?

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