Thomas & Mary Jardine


Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 13.06.00James and Thomas Jardine, were the sons of Thomas and Margaret Jardine. James and his brother Thomas both came to the United States in the 1920’s although sadly James died in a mining accident in Utah in 1936.

Thomas Jardine married and then moved west looking for work also in the coal mines in Utah.

Rosealind Elliott added, “Mary mcGallagly or mcGilligan… was married to Thomas Jardine. They had 3 children. Mary was born here in scotland, Betty (Elizabeth) and their brother Tommy were born in New York. There was also another sister, Margaret who died in infancy and is buried in High Blantyre Cemetery. Betty, aged 85 is the only surviving sibling. This is a picture of my Aunt Mary and Uncle Tommy Jardine on a visit to scotland in 1952. My mum is on the left. I’m the baby in the pram with my sister on the left.”

Looking at the picture, I have identified this was taken outside the front of the Nazarene Church, Blantyre.

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Alan Reardon James Jardine died in a mining disaster in Sunnyside mine in Utah 9th of May 1945 and was married to Margaret Swinburne my Grandmothers sister. He had two daughters Margaret and Nan. I have in my history of the family that Thomas died in New York but I am not sure if this is correct.Could Rosalind tell me where the family finally settled and in which state Betty stays

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