Red Lion Photos

Some great photos of good times and various people in the Red Lion Pub, Stonefield Road, Blantyre. Shared here with permissions from Sam Maxwell.Now the hard part…..can you name anybody?! Whats the date, early 80s?

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John Duffy 86 going by the celtic away top.

John Duffy Maybe 85

Helen Ward Gartlan Love Blantyre my wee dad Dick Ward came from there

Priory Inn Margaret show this to Richie, he’ll know everyone in it….

Jude Wolf Might be Boomer Flynn

Helen Stewart Best bar in Blantyre when I was young loved the red lion x

Michael Mcginley Michael Gillian. Bar man

Stephen Allan Before my time. Someone said that in about 1988 the Red Lion pub burned down but I thought that the pub was demolished early 90s along with the other tenement buildings at the bottom of Stonefield Road where Clyde Star video was.

Stephen Mccall Photo1 Harry Smith

Stephen Mccall Photo2 Billy Dawson

Stephen Mccall Photo3 Eddie Maxwell

Stephen Mccall Photo4 John run dell

Stephen Mccall Photo4 Geordie Lockerie.

Stephen Mccall Photo4 possible Bobby Cassidy

Stephen Mccall Photo5 Geordie Lockerie

Stephen Mccall Photo6 Sam Maxwell( owner)

Stephen Mccall Photo7 Peter Mcclusky

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  1. catherine suzi davner

    he was known as auld bobby and sat at the end off the bar in the red lion for years

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