Girl never found at River Clyde


1931 Weir on Clyde showing Old Blantyre School

Early 1930s Weir on River Clyde at Village works

An eighteen-years-old Uddingston girl, Miss Mary McGuinness, of 124 Towie Place, Old Mill Road, was the victim of a drowning tragedy in the River Clyde between Bothwell and Old Blantyre in December 1931.

She was returning home from a visit to relatives under the escort of a young man, Mr. James Kerr of 5 Viewfield Avenue, Low Blantyre, as her way, for the most part, was without lights.

When they arrived at the supension bridge between Bothwell and Old Blantyre Works, the girl told her escort that he need not accompany her any further. The young man, however, insisted that, the night was very dark and the river bank broken and dangerous, he would see her home. He had just paid the toll at the pay-box when the girl ran across the bridge and disappeared on the path, presumably into the river.

The young man gave the alarm to John McBain, the bridge-keeper, but the river was so swollen that it was impossible to see anyone in the dark water. The police were informed, and, although lights were procured and a search made from the bank of the river, no trace of the woman’s body was ever found.

Pictured around the same time is the scene of this terrible tragedy. A photo of the weir and the suspension bridge looking across to Blantyre. The river on that dark night would have been much higher and faster. May you rest in peace, Mary McGuinness.

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Jeanette Allardyce Ward How sad that she was never found 

Loraine Haworth Wow I remember Mum warning us to be careful around the water, telling us stories of people falling into the water and never being found. To be honest, I thought she was just trying to scare us when we were kids! There you go, she wasn’t just telling a story

The Blantyre Project Lorraine, as i’ve been researching Blantyre Project, i have a record of over 2 dozen people who have died at the stretch of water shown in this picture alone! Dangerous place. Many of the drownings were children.

Loraine Haworth Wow, definitely dangerous, no wonder she freaked out at us! Sis n some of her pals disappeared one time, their clothes were found neatly piled, they were swimming in the Avon. They were found – and probably got a hiding.

Joy McLennan …the bonnie banks of CLYDE…grandpa sang this on his dying day and hundreds of times before…..SAD story this time..

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