Drowning at Blantyre Weir 1932


1933 Blantyre Weir

1933 Blantyre Weir

A drowning tragedy took place on Saturday 25th June 1932 at the Blantyre Weir, which spans the River Clyde, between Low Blantyre and Bothwell. Along with several companions 10-year old Alex, McDermott, who resided with his parents at 45 Murray’s Building, High Blantyre, was walking across the upper ledge of the dam.

He lost his footing and hurtled down to the lower ledge. His companions immediately raised the alarm, but there were few people in the vicinity at the time to answer their calls for help. Eventually they attracted the attention of Edward Flynn, a young man, who resided at 39 Victoria Street, High Blantyre. Flynn had been bathing some time before, and still wore his bathing costume under his clothes. He quickly removed himself of his clothing and swam out to the dam. There he found the boy wedged in the lower ledge of the dam. He managed to get him out and to the river bank. He had been drowned by the constant flow of a very few inches water over his head. Pictured just a year later in 1933, is the Blantyre Weir, looking over to the Blantyre side of the Clyde.

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Bungo Hughes Nicer there than today

Wendy Wilson My Grandpa learned to swim in the Clyde dam!

KellyAnn Maguire Ramsay Poor boy

Richard Strang Richard Strang this isn’t the 1 grandad was at was it?

Richard Strang Yes rich. He used to swim there as well.

Ann Crossar What a shame for that poor boy and his family. Paul McDermott– is this a connection of yours? X

Paul McDermott Oh I don’t think so Ann, maybe my Auntie Kathleen would be able to tell me? x

Elaine Campbell McQuade Awww poor wee soul. X

Archie Peat I agree with Wendy, this was always known. as gt

Alex Mcdermott I’m okay thanks

Kathleen Mc Dermott Parks That was my uncle. I remember my dad telling me that story.

Mary Meekat How tragic and so sad poor lad xx

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