Albert Roux at Crossbasket Castle


2015 Albert Roux at Crossbasket. Photo A Rochead

2015 Albert Roux at Crossbasket. Photo A Rochead

Monday 21st December 2015, saw a successful doors open day at Crossbasket Castle. The general public not only saw the renovated Castle in High Blantyre, but were also treated to a 5 star buffet, cooked by the wonderful award winning, and globally known Albert Roux. I was surprised to see how hands on Albert was on the day with his team of chefs, very busy indeed. Albert was in the kitchen from an early hour.

Albert Roux OBE , aged 80 (born 8 October 1935) is a French-born restaurateur and chef working in Britain. He and his brother Michel operated Le Gavroche, the first restaurant in the UK to gain three Michelin stars. He helped train a series of chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, and he went on to win Michelin stars. His son, Michel Roux, Jr. continues to run Le Gavroche.

Photo taken in Crossbasket Kitchens in the basement level, by Brenda Rochead.

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