2013 Fun times at Milheugh

On 19th July 2013, Blantyre will be remembered for 2 things. One, the sun came out all day in record high temperatures with cloudless skies, and two….just like the hot Summer’s of the 1970’s….local Blantyre children took to cooling themselves off and playing in the Millheugh Calder Falls again!

A return to normal, outside playing away from technology in the old stomping ground of many people on this page. (Something i never thought would happen again in my lifetime). Captured beautifully here by the excellent photographer James B Brown.

2013 Milheugh falls

On social media:

Stewart Willis Great fun in the sun. Just a pity access has been denied with the foot bridge being moved by farmers in tractors. (Allegedly)

Lainey McGuckin The Cooncil more like!

Stewart Willis Haha you can’t get the council to do some of the stuff they are supposed to do half the time. No chance was it the Council.

Geordie McClenaghan I used to love playing in the falls😎 especially when dogging school
Andy Callaghan Spent hours swimming here when I was wee. On a nice day it was mobbed with families.

Lillias Addison Paul,your mum and I used to play here when we were young

Gary Dewar Notice how they have trainer’s on cause it was full broken buckie bottles would have sliced yer fit aff

Linda Ritchie Elaine mind walking across the top of the falls and feeling like we’d conquered everest lol.

Robert Mclachlan Think bridge pulled down, because of boys on motor bikes, they left trenches 3ft deep in the mud, dry, it was a death trap, what a great photo

Chris Pearson Farmer rockheed or stainbraines as firmly known would have played a part in it so kids on motorbikes can’t get the run of the place what a total dickhead of a man.

Steven Ferguson James Ferguson James Blair is this yous in the background??

John-paul Rooney Many a dive in there

Nichola Leigh Andrews Kirsty N Jamie Brownlee ahhh the memories mind I fucked my knee off a rock lol I’ve still got the scar haha x

Vikki Robertson Those were the days lol parents couldn’t afford the baths so everyone went down the Calder xx
Drew Burnett I remember swimming there as a kid and the bit down at the Bridge too at the foot of the brae. Summers always seemed hotter then!

Linda Eyre Fellows Me too

James Minto Loved this in the summer

Jordan Bayley Liam Jamieson mind we went fishing there

Johnny Marshall Jumped in there on many summer days lol

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