1931 Broompark Road

A fantastic photo of Broompark Road. Taken in 1931, just a few years after the construction of these homes, this photo is taken from the cross, looking up Broompark Road straight ahead, Stonefield Crescent on the right outwith the photo.

My photo from 2009, some 78 years later, shows the same view, with some windows made larger, the tall chimneys removed and of course the Warnock’s Laun tenement building in the background, demolished.

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Janet Saunders Cathy ConwayEmma Grace Conway, yar gorgeous wee house smile emoticon

Irene Dickman Miss Nancy Chalmers,who was my boss in Blantyre Coop in 1966, used to live in the wee house many,many years ago

James Burns Is that your house Stephen Gaffney?

Stephen Gaffney No mate

Mary Hope Donnelly Remember these houses

Sheona Thomson Brennan Always remember my dads pal Davey Bethel lived in that corner house, and look at the great condition of the path!

Jean Boyd My mums uncle Archie McCulloch lived in 6 Stonefield Crescent from 1931-1937

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