Washhouse in Uproar 1890


1903-shuttle-rowMost of us these days like to think we get on well with our Blantyre neighbours, but the occasional “ding dong” still exists from time to time. Just as its always done.

On 31st October 1890, over 125 years ago, local Hamilton press took delight in reporting, “There is a washing house out Blantyre way, in which now and again the neighbours take turns in kicking up a shindy (an uproar or commotion!), in the same way as they take turns in using it for washing purposes.

The latest row was, when it is alleged, Mrs Stewart and Mrs McLaren assaulted Agnes Robertson by pitching a tankard and a stone at her. Of course in court, there were the usual explanations about neighbourly love or the want of it, but that had nothing to do with the case, as their Honours said. Mrs McLaren was let off, but Mrs Stewart had to stump up 7s 6d otherwise go 5 days to prison. “

Imagine, pitch battles in Blantyre all over the week’s washing!

Pictured around the time is the washhouse at Shuttle Row (which may have very well been the scene for this story), on what was obviously a great 1890’s drying day.

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Donna Mahady lol

Marianne Stark Aitken Ha! Nothing’s changed then 

Margaret Elma Griffin I remember well the battles over the washhouse at the old buildings on Cemetery Road also the outside toilet

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