The Brannans, Late 1960s

Pictured here is Tommy Brannan and possibly his sister, Mary in the late 60’s at Jackson Street, Blantyre. The Brannans were drivers for the Doonin business. Gary Doonin told me, “The 2 Brannan brothers were my dads pals ,Mick and Rab ,and drove for years with my dad as did wee Tommy Brannan (rabs son) . Mick and Rab’s older brother Thomas, died in the Spanish civil war and his name on monument down at the Welfare . My dad had big involvement in the monument getting erected in 2009.”

Thanks to Gary Doonin for sharing these photos.

On social media:

Liz Smith There’s brannans stay round corner from me could be related

Zander Strachan Ian Mckay this Kate dad/ grandpa?

Ian Mckay Aye Zander sure is it was a family tradition everybody worked with doonin

Jeanette Allardyce Ward Wee Tommy Brannan stayed next door to me in Springwell for years,(if it’s the same one) after moving from one end of the street to the other ( a lot of us tend to do that here, did it myself 24 yrs ago ) I worked with his wife Elsie for a while. Lovely couple and family. His daughter Teresa Brannan can be found in fb if u want to know more x

Linda Pemberton KateElizabethMaryann & Teresa is this your family? xxx

Kate Brannan Mckay That’s my dad and grandad xx

Anndrea Beaton Ann Brannan ? X

Ray Couston Any relations, mate?
Maryann Mushet It’s my dad and grandad xx

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