Jim Hendry and Ian Walsh, Blantyre

With permission to share here from Historic Hamilton. This is Jim Hendry and Ian Walsh from Blantyre. Do you know the third little boy, what the school was, or the year?!

1970s Jim Hendry , Ian Walsh

1970s Jim Hendry , Ian Walsh

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Rae Brown I think it’s jim Jim Walsh and ian Ian Walsh. Great pic.

Bungo Hughes There 3 brothers are they not Jim hendry and Ian

Lesley Hartley Roseann McAteer you must know these wee boys lol x

Roseann McAteer That is our Henry Walsh Jim and Ian and don’t anyone dare say I’m the monkey that Henry is holding lol

Lesley Hartley  never, a know better 🏻

Roseann McAteer It looks like it’s Jim starting school Henry was always taller and think the first school they went to was in Whitehill maybe st pauls

Margherita Walsh Brilliant. Love this pic xxx Jim Walsh Ian Walsh Ian WalshHenry Walsh xxx

Roseann McAteer Think the year mightve been 74

Jim Walsh St Blanes..

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