Hogmanay Burglaries in Blantyre


1955 Aerial Photo Bottom of Auchinraith Road and Springwells

1955 Aerial Photo Bottom of Auchinraith Road and Springwells

Two men were arrested in connection with two”separate burglaries which took place in Blantyre late on Saturday, Hogmanay 31st December 1932. At 11 p.m, two policemen were approaching Craig Street when the crash of glass 50 yards away caused them to rush to the licensed grocery shop belonging to Mr James Kelly at 186 Glasgow Road.

They found that one of the front windows had been smashed, and, seeing a man running into a side street, immediately gave chase. Subsequently a man was apprehended. About midnight, other officers were patrolling in the Low Blantyre district when they took into custody young man alleged to have been concerned in burglary which had just previously taken place. The premises known as “The Blantyre Inn”, owned by the trustees of the late William Brown. In both cases only a small quantity of liquor had been obtained. The same night, during absence of the owner, Mr Thomas Higginson, a cottage in Auchinraith Road was burgled and £2 10s in money was stolen, along with some household articles. Arrests have been made with this theft when three young men were seen coming from the house.

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The Blantyre Inn was a former name of the 2nd oldest pub in Blantyre, The Village Bar, Station Road. The oldest pub being the Hoolets, formerly Barnhill Tavern. Pictured are the former cottages at the bottom of Auchinraith Road looking over towards Springwells in an aerial photo from the 1950s.

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