Hastie’s Night out 1970’s

Thank you to Lucy McMahon for sharing these 2 photos which were taken in Hastie’s Farm, just off Victoria Street in the late 1970’s/ early 80s.

Pictured is Isabel Wilson, May Cummiskey and Bridie Murray. The ladies who worked in Robertsons, are enjoying a wee night out. Lucy is pictured in the other photo with her family, including Bella, who passed away in summer 1994.

Does anybody remember this family or nights out in Hastie’s Farm?

On social media:

Sheena Thomson I had my wedding reception in Hasties on the 7th June 1969, I had a lot of family members who worked their , my Mum Mary Gilmour my sister Elspeth was a waitress ,my cousins Kathleen and Greer McGuigan also waitresses my aunt Peggy McGuigan who worked in the office ,and myself who worked in the kitchen for a short time, after our wedding my husband and I stayed in the back room of Kathy and Bob Browns house opposite . I have some video film of the day. My dad John Gilmour was a great friend of Kathy and Bob,we helped them flit when they retired to Inverkipp.

Lon McIlwraith What memories those names bring back! Bob and Kathy were my grandparents, my mum Rena worked as a waitress in Hasties for years. I worked there too washing glasses and restocking the bars, sometimes even bartending. I played in the band Monday and WednSee Andy Callaghan On the night of the 25th May 1967 I sat in Hasties Farm with my mates Joe Ayres, Jimmy McGuigan (Greer’s brother), Brian O’Hara and Jimmy McFaulds and watched Celtic win the European Cup. I woke up aloneIin Blantyre public park at 3am the next morning.

Marion Boyle Barnes That’s ma Auntie Isobel , cousin Lucille and ma granny Bella :))

Anne Bell Marion that’s a great picture those were the days

Marion Boyle Barnes I know it sure was Anne . And it is a great pic smile emoticon

Sheena Thomson I worked with the ladies in the left hand picture in the ginger factory.
Liz Smith I worked in kitchen for short time my sister in laws uncle owned hasties farm my brothers wedding was also in there xx

Lorraine Brown All the stars used to come there too – remember seeing someone famous at the time – Vince someone ???

Emma Trevethan I used to go there a lot with my friend Isobel Bordon ( now past away ) Xx

Jane Maxwell We would go to Hasties on a Sunday morning for the singsong. There were some good singer’s and some not so good but we all enjoyed ourselves. My own name is McLaughlin my Dad Bill and brothers Billy, Jim and David my hubby Walter Maxwell and friends would all meet up. Those were the days. My friend Myra Rouse had her wedding there as well great times.

Joan Anderson My Gran and Granpa owned Hastie’s farm before it became a nightclub.

The Blantyre Project What were/are their names Joan? Thats the sort of excellent detail i like adding to previous posts about Hasties. I find it much more difficult tracking post WW2 20th Century ownership for properties than earlier, which strangely is more accessible to me.

Joan Anderson John and Mary Cunningham both passed away. Gran lived till she was 97 and spent quite a few of her last years in the sheltered housing that looked across the road to where Hastie’s used to stand

Joan Anderson If you pm me I can give you my Aunts address and you could write and get more information from her. She’s not on fb!!!

Lon McIlwraith Joan, what years did you grandparents own Hasties?

Joan Anderson Not sure when it became theirs but mid sixties is when they sold

Lon McIlwraith As far as I can tell, Bob Brown bought Hasties Farm in 1963, so that ties up nicely. This Blantyre Project is a gold mine of information, and new (old) stuff is always popping up!

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