Glasgow Road Watercolour 1910

Thank you to Mrs Lees who left me this wonderful framed painting at my door last year. The gift was sincerely appreciated. I’ve now scanned and digitised the painting which was made by ink and water colour. (not photoshopped!)

The artist is none other than Blantyre’s talented H.T Rankine who painted this scene in 1990. Pictured around 1910 is Glasgow Road looking eastwards towards Burnbank.

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Bill Duncan By coincidence I was recently gifted this framed painting of the same view of Blantyre from a friend now living in Canada. It is titled as Stonefield 1910 and signed by A Wood.

The Blantyre Project Likely the painters have both painted it from postcards. The late Neil Gordon did the same with a few cards.

Bill Duncan this is the painting. there are some differences, notably, no telegraph poles.

Bill Duncan's photo.
The Blantyre Project Great painting. Does indeed look like the same area. I think the artist has deliberately left out the telegraph poles, which even then were hated for being unsightly. He’s left the tram standards in, as the painting was only 3 years after the trams started in the area.

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