Forgotten Pier at the Lido

Gerry Young sent me these 2 photos back in November, adding, “Paul, I was walking towards Bothwell Bridge, at the Lido, probably 3 weeks ago (mid October), and noticed in the water what looked like a frame, or support of some kind leading out into the middle of the Clyde.The water level was down a good bit, but I have walked along here numerous times and don’t remember seeing this before.”

The wooden remains look like some kind of former pier or jetty , out into the Clyde at that location. Could this have been an alternative or even earlier crossing that Bothwell Bridge itself? There are no piers marked on historical maps at the lido and the whole arrangement can obviously only be seen in rare times of exceptionally low water in the River. Most curious indeed.  Whilst looking at old maps, I was reminded that the Lido itself was actually in Hamilton, rather than Blantyre Parish, the boundary being the adjacent exit of the Parkburn into the Clyde. Thanks to Gerry for sharing.

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