Cage Bins

2015 cagebinWho remembers these type of waste bins in Blantyre and indeed Scotland?

Cage bins. I have to admit, weren’t my favourite thing in the world. They never seemed to work, the circular cage door usually came off and rubbish bags would frequently still be pecked by wild birds with a gunge falling out the bottom of them on to paths. The lids!? Don’t get me started on those. Rubber lids, that were a vandals dream to be set on fire to witness a black plume that could be seen from East Kilbride!

Modern wheelie bins were introduced in Blantyre on 25th September 1989, and must have seemed a revolution. In November 2015, my cage bin, finally was taken to the tip, complete with little makeshift tray lid, the rubber long since gone.

In this photo at my back door, you can also see the little boot scraper on the path, to wipe down mucky feet before entering the home. I don’t know how old that is, but it could be several generations.

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Thomas Barrett They were murder if you had a coal fire, had to put the ashes in the garden.

Caroline Lennon Lol we still have one of these at the hotel i work in

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