1929 Mary Danskin at Broompark


1928 Mary Danskin Blantyre

1928 Mary Danskin at Danskins shop, Stonefield Cres

This is my grandmother Mary Danskin, before she married. Shes about 21 in this photo. The date is between 1928 and 1930 and she’s standing at the top of Stonefield Road junction with Broompark Road at the cross at the back of her home.

The building was Danskin’s drapers and today we know it more as the newsagents shop, that was once Collinses. Fashion was at the forefront for the family, for as a clothier and drapers they had access to fine cloths and silks and were always pictured in nice clothes. My grans love of cats is very evident here as she poses in front of the family car.

In the background is the building which was once the Larkfield Bar, on the site of where The Doonin is today. An ‘L’ shaped tenement leads up Watson Street, a building no longer there today. Just visible on the left are the ‘new build’ Stonefield Crescent bungalows, which is where my gran moved to once she got married in 1934 first to number 28 then to number 10 in the 1940s. I think her sister, Jean is peering out the curtains.  Today that same window is covered by a porch extension and the whole back of the building is nowhere near as pretty as it was in this picture.

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