Veverka & Duncans Christmas 1971

These are my family Photos dating from Christmas 1971. Pictured is Mary Duncan, my grandmother with all her grandchildren (at the time). Thats Rona and Kenneth MacFarlane, David, Allen and Douglas Glen, big baby is me and small baby is John Duncan. “Rags” the cat looking perplexed by the Christmas tree. Another photo of my and “Bambi”, a source of amusement for many of my friends.

Although I don’t obviously remember 1971, one of my earliest childhood memories is of mum sitting in the corner seat of the living room, knitting. I would be on the rug playing or drawing. Our family have so many photographs of almost every happy occasion all the way through our lives, but these photos represent my OWN first ever Christmas, and hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did sharing them. Merry Christmas everybody!

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