Playing in the New Year 1925


Auchinraith Silver Band 1921, Blantyre

Auchinraith Silver Band 1921, Blantyre

Hogmanay 1924 was a wild night, as it had been all day. When the bells were ringing the old year out and the New Year in, the elements were in a boisterous mood. It was not a night congenial to first footing and in consequence only a few hilarious spirited people were seen going about.

The 1925 Blantyre New Year opened with sleet, snow and rain, which prevailed more or less all day and the conditions for walking about, could not possibly have been more miserable. There was the usual New Year’s morning parade through the streets by both Blantyre Silver and Auchinraith Silver Bands, who cheered the people by playing popular Scottish selections, which of course included “A Guid New Year.”

The bandsmen were to be congratulated on their pluck in venturing forth in the teeth of a raging horizontal rain storm. It was noticed an old timer in the person of Mr Maxwell Sneddon, a trombone player in the Blantyre band, had the unique record of having turned out with the band every New Year’s Day for the past forty years.

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Bobby Dunsmuir Blantyre men are hardy people
Trisha Mcginty Changed days now.
Betty McLean Wonder if Maxwell Sneddon was related to a neighbour who wished the people of Beech Place “a guid new year”
Tom Sneddon Maxwell was ma fathers brother who died ma brother is Richard Maxwell sneddon named after him.
Marion Chatham I think the person who wished the people of Beech Place was my grandpaw James Sneddon. He lived on the corner of Auchinraith Road in the flat above Sanny Frew.
Betty McLean Thank you Marion I am sure it was your grandfather as that is exactly where he lived. He really made a happy memory for his neighbours.
Sybil Pirie Right till the day he passed Jimmy Sneddon brought the bells in playing his cornet at his door on the strike of midnight was a sight to see all the neighbours of all faiths raising there glasses love and miss you grampa, Happy New Year grampa at your front door in heaven, ever loving granddaughter Sybil
Marion Chatham Sybil Pirie you never said a truer word, he was a man in a million. Maxwell Sneddon was our Great Uncle. Xx

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