Letham Bus Garage, Stonefield Road

Some great old photos next of Letham’s Bus Garage in the 1960s.

The Garage was located on the site of the former Gas Works on the Eastern side of Stonefield Road, about halfway down the street. Today, the ground lays vacant with a few abandoned homes partially constructed.

Whats your memories of the bus station, the buses or services the Lethams provided for Blantyre?

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Paul McDermott Used to get chased out of there by a huge German Shepard as a kid!!! 

Sheona Thomson Brennan Remember one summer one of the busses was set on fire…Stonefield Road was filled with thick black smoke, cant remember what age i was maybe 9 or 10, as i lived right across from it that damn dog barked 24 hours a day!

Thomas Barrett That garage could tell a lot of stories lol

Caroline Rundell Remember the pub right next door to it the union jack x

Jackie MacDonald Trespassing thru garage and being chased by big Alsation guard dog! Lol

Wilma McNulty My aunt Helen Gallagher cleaned them when I was a wee lassie loved to go in and HELP her ha ha xx

Linda Torlay Wood My husband worked there for about 12 or 13 years x

Liz Allan It’s good to remember all these things from Blantyre

Andrew Baillie I recall one or two of the buses going up in smoke in the 80s!

Andrew Baillie Possibly I cant recall the specific year but would guess around 85/86

Moyra Lindsay Long after 86. I worked with Margaret Letham (Izett) from 87 into mid 90s and buses were still going then. Paul you’re aunties were very friendly with the Izetts.

The Blantyre Project Margaret and Nancy? Did you work at Stonefield Road Moyra? I’m surprised at the dates and cant recall Lethams being there in the 90s, but as a young guy in my 20s then, i probably just didnt pay attention. It seemed to sit as empty ground for a real long time before the ill fated abandoned houses started to be built.

Moyra Lindsay That’s the aunts right enough. Margaret worked with us at Lincoln Engineering in Motherwell and a
So with her brother in Blantyre. She was also ministers wife in Law. They now live in Clackmannan. Don thinks earlier. I’ll check.

Alan Lappin I’m sure Letham’s closed in the early 90’s. Our family’s home looks on to it from Kinnoull Place, can remember them being there, and also remember seeing their busses being in use and seeing them in Blackpool frequently around that time.


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  1. Can anyone tell me how to contact Bob Letham of Letham’s buses who used to work at Philips Electrical Hamilton.

    1. Allister, this was my uncle but he sadly passed away a few years ago.

      1. Hi Christine – many thanks for contacting me. Bob was the Toolroom Foreman where I was an apprentice and eventually served my time as a Toolmaker. He was a great Engineer and taught me so much. What age did he die and what was the cause, he always looked so fit and never smoked.

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