Haughhead Flats Rumour


Greyfriars Riding School, shared by Stephen Summers

Greyfriars Riding School, shared by Stephen Summers

On the far outskirts of Blantyre Parish before you cross to Uddingston, is Haughhead Farm. I heard a rumour that planning permission was sent in for the farm outbuildings to be turned into flats. One of the buildings is currently home to Greyfriars Riding School. Does anybody know more?

The buildings are located near the entrance road to the golf range.

Photo by Stephen Summers.

On social media, a comment was received suggesting this is not Blantyre. It IS Blantyre Parish, the boundary being the river to the north and west of this location.

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  1. This building is a blast from the past!! When i was about 17 or 18 i attended an illegal Rave that one of my friends had put on. It lasted to 5am until a fight broke out and the police were called. The fight was the silliest one that i had ever seen, as all of the Raveres were “Loved up” there was bottles and fists flying everywhere, however i don’t think that anyone was actually hit!!

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