Donald Marshall’s Wedding to Nettie


Late 1940s Donald Marshall wedding to Nettie

Late 1940s, Donald Marshall marries Nettie

This wedding photo has been shared by Jim Cochrane. He told me, “Donald Marshalls Wedding to his new Bride Nettie. Netties Sister on the Left is the Bridesmaid and Robert Marshall is his best Man. I will need to get an exact date, but I believe it’s not long after WW2. Both my uncle Donny and Bobby had served in the forces during the war and had come back to the farm at Calderside.”

The other photo also has a Marshall connection. Jim added, “Another Family Photo from Calderside From the Left Sadie Marshall ( Duncan) and her young son John Marshall. Mamie Henderson ( Marshall) Annie Marshall ( Main) and Jean McCaskie ( Marshall)”

Marshalls of Calderside

Marshall women

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  1. Hi…the date of the wedding was 27/11/1947..hope that helps.

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