Blantyre Children pose at Caldervale – 1938


1938 Caldervale Children, shared by H Reilly

1938 Caldervale Children, shared by H Reilly

This photo was taken in 1938 at Caldervale, or as you may know it, Finmeoot.

Shared here by Helen Reilly with the following comments, “Here are some of the kids from Finmeoot. Probably taken around 1938 ish. My aunt Ann Doyle and her cousin are in photo.”

I’ve no idea how that wee boy is managing to balance on the window ledge, but its nice to see an older picture like this with at least a few smiles amongst them!

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Suzanne Logue David Mitchell can you show Anne Marie this pic? I’ve seen it before. I think Gran or one of her sisters is in this? Maybe the one holding the baby? x

Suzanne Logue No she’s holding a doll haha!

David Mitchell The one holding the doll is Ina and Sonny is the wee boy on the left

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