Anford Boys Football Club


1980s early Anford Boys Club

1980s early Anford Boys Club

Pictured here in the early 1980’s is Anford Boys Club (Anford Place was once a street in Auchinraith , at the top end of Logan Street)

Do you recognise any of the football team? I’m reliably told that amongst them is John Maider ,Tommy mcGowan , Shug Rooney , Stephen Hutchison , Paul Bristow , Tommy Maider , John Sancus , Mick Allan , Mark Doudie , Joe McInally and Tam Mitchell.

McIntosh Carpets are the sponsor, and one of the McIntosh boys may be in the photo too.

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Kevin Mclean Top row – Tam McGowan, shug Rooney, stevie Hutchison, Craig goldie, Paul Bristow, tam Maider
Bottom row – Kevin mclean, mick Allen,Danny Ferguson,Mick Downie,joe Mcinally,tam Mitchell, Frank wylie John Maider John sank us and Davie Mcintosh

David Mcintosh This photo was taken in the Knights Club.

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