Tribute to a Grand Clubman 1955


s-l1000The players representing Blantyre Celtic in a game against Yoker Athletic on Saturday 20th August 1955 wore black armbands and the flag at Craighead Park was flown at half mast out of respect to “Jimmy” Meechan whose sudden death at his home at 112 Logan Street on Thursday 18th August 1955 was a shock to all.

Further tribute was paid by the players of both teams, the referee and linesman, lining up at midfield just prior to kick off, standing to attention, whilst a hymn played over the loud speaker system. Spectators fell silent in the memory of a grand clubman whose life had been cut short with a startling suddenness. Jimmy Meechan had an association with the Celitc team extending over 30 years. He had a quiet and unassuming manner, and did much to keep Blantyre Celtic at the forefront. He was 55, the husband of Helen Lynaghan.

Thanks to James Meechan for sending this story, by sharing a copy of the Gazette from that week.

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Gerry Martin Michael Meechan any connection Putts?

Michael James Meechan Great grandfather Gerry. That’s amazing!!

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