George Stewart’s Fire at Station Road

1936 Map showing George Stewart's Yard at the Village

1936 Map showing George Stewart’s Yard at the Village

George Stewart owned a building company in Blantyre in the 1930’s. Adverts stated that they specialised in mine ventilating fans, masonry work, high-speed turbines and generating plants, providing architects and engineering works. Their telephone was ‘Blantyre 54.’ They were based in Station Road, within Blantyre works. George was involved heavily in the construction of Dundee’s City Square, which opened in November 1933. Around the same time, he built the Caird Hall, Dundee. On 5th April 1933, a huge fire ignited petrol tanks at his Blantyre yard resulting in the destruction of several of his vehicles. It is unknown how the fire started.

The report said, “DISASTROUS SCOTS BLAZE Dundee Contractor’s Loss

At eleven o’clock last night fire broke out in the well-known builders’ yard at Blantyre belonging to Messrs George Stewart & Son, Blantyre, Dundee and Fort- William. It resulted in eight-ton motor lorry, three-ton motor lorry, and the owner’s private car being completely burnt out and another three-ton motor lorry being badly damaged. The fire originated in the garage, but th 3 large storage petrol tank was saved. In one of the lorries was 40 gallons of petrol, and the others were also well filled, and the tanks burst with a terrifying explosion. A huge store of cement castings and expensive machinery was saved. Mr Stewart said he had no idea how the firo originated, and while he could not accurately state the damage, it would run into some thousands of pounds. The firemen had the blaze well in hand by midnight. “

On Lanark County Council, he retired shortly after in May 1934 focusing on his building businesses, which by then had expanded to Blantyre, Dundee, Fort William, Edinburgh and Oban.

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