Fernslea Avenue 1976

I recently posted about the history of Fernslea Avenue. Here’s another photo of that street in the mid 1970’s.

To put the picture into context, it’s looking west towards Dechmont Hill. On the right is now St Blanes Primary School entrance. On the left is Chestnut Grove. The Orlit’s built homes haven’t changed much, the view very recognisable, apart from the occasional modern wheelie bin and new car. Perhaps the most variable feature is the size of the tree, which still there today is more than double the size it was in the 70s.

Some families who used to live in this location include the Cunninghams, McGuires, Paterson, Hunter, Lafferty, Murphy, Traynor and Henderson. (and may well still do)

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James Connolly in the first picture where the car is parked is number 76 which just happens to be the house i was born in. in fact the year i believe is 1979 as that is my brothers cortina! my mum and my grandad were one of the first families in the street when they made the short hop from dixons rows in 1954.sadly i lost my father in 2013 followed by my mum 10 months later and subsequently my long tie to fernslea avenue is broken. haven’t seen the house and it’s new occupants since then but i wish them well and hope they have the same contentment i experienced in my formative years there.happy days.

Helen Williams You can add the Williams family at no. 66


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  1. Kirsty Mclauchlan

    My great grandmother stayed in 75 fernslea. It had what seemed to me at the time the tallest tree in the world ! Going to st blanes as a child was great because you could go up to the back fence and get a wee treat. Her name name was Maggie Brown. I now take my son to st blanes and it’s sad to see away 😢

  2. Dickson no.98

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