Calderside’s new Wind Turbines

2015 Auchentibber Wind turbine

2015 Auchentibber Wind turbine (PV)

When I heard that 2 new Wind Turbines were being erected in August 2015 somewhere at Auchentibber, I rushed up that week to walk my dog and investigate. There, behind Calderside Farm, near Campknowe were the 2 new turbines, (smaller than I expected, but still large enough to be seen from over at East Kilbride). The location though is hidden from Blantyre, so I’m not going to complain. (I’m all for renewable sources of energy if they don’t conflict with the habitats of nearby residents. I’m NOT for them, if the people who live beside them don’t want them there!)

My visit was made on a nice sunny day. I have to admit, we’re so lucky to be able to go half a mile outside Blantyre and be able to enjoy these beautiful walks on narrow roads with spectacular views of Blantyre and Glasgow. It removes my stress. Walking these narrow lanes and tracks, with hedgerows on either side, I feel like I’m many miles away but comforted by the knowledge that this beauty spot is right on our doorstep. I was please to see on this visit too, the council had cleared all traces of the recent fly tipping.

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Jean McIntosh We are fortunate to have the countryside on our doorstep but there are times you have to fight to keep it that way.

Jim Cochrane Don,t know who got the permission for these ,there on the ground of Auchintibber farm almost on top of the filled in quarry.I think the farm has been repossessed by the council in payment of outstanding depts and the recent problem with sepa.

The Blantyre Project Hope not. The council only know how to deal with buildings of that age that become a liability to them……demolition. Hope Auchentibber Farm is here for a while yet!

Jim Cochrane I would think it would be sold,don,t know the full details.Think it all started with the illegal tip last year.

James Stirling the guy who got permission to build them stays in marshalls old farm jim

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