Blantyre Project Book Launched!

Adobe Photoshop PDFHopefully, all being well, this post is appearing at the same time i’m actually starting the book launch presentation at Blantyre Bowling Club.

I thought I’d launch the book at the exact moment ONLINE as well as offline.

“Blantyre Project – A Journey in Time Volume 3” is now globally available to buy online. Priced at £13.99 in the UK, with free delivery and at $18.99US from International vendors it can be bought here

The 3rd and largest book in this popular series, it makes the perfect affordable gift for a friend or family member and theres still plenty of time to get a delivery before Christmas. All proceeds are going to local, Blantyre good causes.

If you live locally, you can buy it cheaper by dropping into Blantyre Miner’s Welfare from tomorrow , Friday 27th November where it’s priced at just £12 until the New Year.

Amongst all the many comments from people, there are certain people whose contributions, comments and input MADE this book possible. Thank you to these particular people who are named within the book, including in no particular order:

Jim Brown, Marel Adam, Alex Bowie, Andy Callaghan, Jim Cochrane, Shalene Dagutis, Susan Dunsmuir, Arlene Green, Rosemary Harper, Thomas Hamilton-Hailes, George MaGuire, Claire McKenzie, Megan McHugh, Brenda Murphy, George Park, Lisa Ashford Potter, Richard Rankin, Nick Rice, Alison Ritchie, Linda Robertson, Alex Rochead, Gordon Cook, Robert Stewart, Chris Ladds, Marian Robertson, Steve Timoney, Elizabeth Weaver, Martin Reynolds, Mary Boyle, Catherine Philip, Jim McSorley, Alan Baird, Gerry Walker, Rose Jardine, Lorraine Brown, Susan Brownlie, Jean Gibson, Isabella McShane, Aileen Farrell, Pamela McMorran, Rose Lee, Shona Preston, Anna Callaghan, Audrey Marshall, Jean Maxwell, John Devine, Marie McDermott, Jean Henderson, Angela McGlynn, Annette Cambridge, Liz Lindsay, Liz Ali, John Duffy, Daniel Anderson, Marion Coulter Smith, Stewart Willis, Derek Nicholson, Marian Anderson, Mark Ashton, Janet Saunders, Lynn Cameron, Margaret Nimmo Lehmann, Helen Williams, Stewart Hay, Kenneth Downie, Andrew Thompson, Danny Allan, Brian Weaver, Margaret Griffen, Elaine Akelis, Helena Kelman, Iain Crichton, Julie Dorran, Marc Moran, Janet Thornton, Senga Arbuckle, Allan Love, Marie Thomson, Roseann Pulls, John Duffy, Nora Anderson, Macauley Versey, Moyra Lindsay, Jamie Stirling, William Miller, Josie Caserta, Janice Bickerstaff, Julie Taylor, Caroline Kilgour, Catherine Sneddon, Jim Frame, Jane Paterson, Bernadette McParland, Gary Doonin, Stephen Kelly, Muir Wasson, Ean Paul, Stuart Christie, Margaret McGaulley, Eddie Campaigne, Isabel Cain, Andy Bain, Helen Jackson, Allan Reardon, Betty McLean, Julie Smither, Peter McSorley, Adam Murray, Susan Henderson, Danni McDougall, Jean McIntosh, Beth McNaughton, Nicola Crowe, Liz Allan, Geordie McClenaghan and Arch Park.

Needless to say , your name is about to be immortalised in print!

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