Announcing “Blantyre Photos” website

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.34.36I’m proud to announce the launch of Blantyre Project’s ‘sister’ website, “Blantyre Photos

With so many people sending in contemporary and modern photos as well as my own growing interesting in photographing Blantyre, I needed a website to store those kind of photos. A place to collect them all together and somewhere that doesn’t mix up the Historical information archived here.

Blantyre photos ( has a new photography domain name, very user friendly to search engines and is hoped to become a large archive of the photos I take and indeed any user contributions. It’s fully linked to Blantyre Project, meaning when I post on the website, the photo and small caption is automatically posted on to Blantyre Project’s website, on Twitter and on the Facebook site. It’s a wonderful way to be able to share current photos of our town and of course means I now have an archive for historical photos and a separate one for modern. This is just one of several plans in store for 2016. It means I’ll soon be bringing you a Blantyre “Photo of the Day” and I get a backup facility for every photo I take. Blantyre Photos website is live now at

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