1959 Girls Play at the Calder

1959 Calder Lillias, Janet and Rosemary

1959 Calder Lillias, Janet and Rosemary

This is one of my family photos and features my own mother, Janet Duncan in the middle. On the back is says “calder 1959” making her about 11 or 12. My mother went on to marry Joe Veverka ten years later, and has sadly passed away in 2009.

Pictured left is her friend Lillias (now Addison) who resides at Stonefield Crescent in the house across from our former family home. The other little girl on the right is known to be Rosemary Hanson. (Now Rosemary Benson, who lives in East Kilbride).

I’m not sure who the dog belonged to, but looking at the way Lillias is fondly gazing upon him, I suspect it was her family. A lovely picture, and dare i say all the girls wearing Sunday best?

On social media:

Elizabeth Weaver Was Lillias’ name McDonald back then?

Elizabeth Weaver I think she is the cousin of my friend Anne McDonald – I remember visiting her cousin Lillias with her, and she certainly had a poodle. (Named Chico, I think?) I also recognise your Mum here – she is so familiar; how sad that she died so young. The dresses are also very familiar! I had one very like the one on the right. Beautiful photograph.

Marianne Stark Aitken I too recognise your mum paul she used to walk two beautiful dogs in Blantyre.
I used to take my daughter to piano lessons and thought the teacher looked very familiar, she later told me who she was, she is soo like your mum xxx

Moyra Lindsay Paul did Rosemary work in the high Blantyre chemist? I think around 1966 she was miss Hamilton Advertiser or another paper which was published around that time.

Jean McIntosh Lovely picture Paul

Margaret Nimmo Lehmann I didn’t know any of the girls, but certainly recognize the dresses of the era.

Helen Grieve Remember all three! Carefree days.

Marian Maguire I know Lillian’s well a lovely person, they look lovely as young girls, God rest Janet taken too soon.

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