1951 Blantyre Village Gala Day


1951 Blantyre Gala shared by Ronette McLaughlin

1951 Blantyre Gala shared by Ronette McLaughlin

Pictured here in 1951 is the Blantyre Gala Day. Shared from the Historic Hamilton page the photo belongs to Ronette McLaughlin.

The location looks to be in the Village. Those little children in the foreground, likely now in their mid 60s.

Pictured : Front row Edward McGurk. jimpy brown Ishbell McGurk. Elizabeth Burns. Jim and Elizabeth Walsh two taller kids behind. Lady kneeling Agnes McGurk holding Tom brown Bella Cairney then lizzy holding Andrew Crawford

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Hugh McDade Looks like the photo was taken Stonefield park .John St . In the back ground.

Jackie MacDonald Your right dad. And can see gran.s house too. X

Ronette Skillicorn McLaughlin That’s exactly where it was. My mums one of the kids in the front. 

Moyra Lindsay Galas were always in the Public Park. The cooperative van in the background would be handing out a bag to each person. A sausage roll a cake and a biscuit. We all had our tin round our necks and they filled this with milk.

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