Sweeney’s Sweet Shop, High Blantyre

Jars-of-sweets-001I was recently asked if I knew anything about Sweeney’s Sweet shop, and decided I would open this particular question up to social media, which saw the following responses:

  • Margaret Nimmo Lehmann Yes, I think that was the name of it in the 50s
  • James Graham It was at the top of Broompark Road. Jimmy Sweeney had his butcher’s shop on Main Street and his wife had a shop selling various things including fruit , veg and sweets. It was in Broompark Road near the corner with Main Street. I was sent there to by bananas when they first came in after the war.
  • Hugh McDade James Graham is correct where the Sweetie Shop was opposite Blakely’s Pub. The Butcher on Main St. Was Dan Dow . Jimmy worked at that time at the bottom of Stonefield Road.
  •  James Graham When you say, ‘At that time’, Hugh McDade, what time are you referring to? I was sent to Jimmy Sweeney’s in Main Street, High Blantyre every Saturday for butcher meat during the mid to late 1940s. The shop was opposite Broompark Road just to the right.
  • Maisie Whittaker Sweeney sweet shop was at the corner on broom park road where smiths garage was I remember in the 50 s
  • Hugh McDade James I was born 1935 but only remember Mrs Darling at the Post Office then Nelson the grocer and Dow the butcher .The older building further up was McLean the paper shop and Barber .Cant think of a butcher.
  • Lillias Addison I remember the Sweeney’s they lived in Broompark road beside enterkin their daughter Irene Sweeney taught me at Whitley’s Business Collage after I left school.

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  1. So Paul it was called Sweeneys and it was on corner of Broompark Road. Does anyone my Grandma who lived in Main St opposite Broompark Rd? Her name was Sarah McIntyre.

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