Remembering 138 years ago


Remembering the pit accident 138 years ago

It was 138 years ago today that Blantyre (and Scotland) suffered its worst ever mining tragedy. Over 200 men and boys died in Dixons Pit 2 and 3 at High Blantyre, which must have affected Blantyre’s residents deeply for generations. Today, we remember those Blantyre men and boys who bravely worked hard to support their families in an era when times were so tough.

As a mark of respect, I’ve placed some coal and an arrangement of Blantyre’s flora and fauna, found from all over Blantyre at the High Blantyre memorial at Kirkton. The flowers, tied together were placed there early this morning. 

They sit alone on the step, a token gesture not just from me, but to show that every person here at Blantyre Project’s page remembers those tragic, Blantyre souls.

On social media:

Ann Crossar What a lovely thing to do Paul. My 2nd great grand uncle died in the disaster – William Primrose, age only 16. God bless them all. X

Thomas Patterson Gob bless everyone involved

Frank Welsh My great great Grandmother Agnes Welsh/Kyle lost three brothers and a husband in this tragedy.

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