Blantyre Halloween 1982

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1982 Veverka children Halloween and Mrs Brown

As I write this, it’s Halloween and it got me thinking of a time in 1982 when we (as a family) left it until the last moment. I decided that at 11, I was too old to get dressed up, but the BB’s were practicing for an event that night, so I ended up going round the neighbours with my smart BB uniform on! (Lazy to say the least!)

My sister Joanne, DID want to dress up and had an old man’s bunnet and a mask bought from Collins’ shop at the corner Stonefield Road. Ivan, my brother wasn’t so lucky That was the year mum dressed her 5 year old boy up as a “little lady!” All such fun for children. This was a time before the words “trick or treat”. It was turn up at a neighbours door (in this case Mrs Brown at number 8 Stonefield Crescent), tell a joke, bag the sweets, or apples. I don’t ever remember thinking about or receiving money back then. At home, we “dooked for apples” in a basin or tried to stab them from a height with a fork. Sometimes we’d hollow out neeps, but no sign of any Pumpkins or the mass decorations people put outside their homes nowadays. Whats your memory of Halloween in Blantyre?

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Caroline Rundell we used to go to bardykes farm and George fulston s house – we used to get 50p and thought we weregreat lpl x but the biggest treat on Halloween was going to the house on northway across the road from divitos chippy. I don t know the lady s name, but she had the most gorgeous setter dogs, and made the best home madr candy Apple s! x

Theda Bara Demonia I went out one Halloween dressed as John Travolta, the resemblance was remarkable to say the least!

Marion Coulter Smith Her name was Mrs whyte and I agree the best candy and toffee apples ever !

Catriona Findlay Look at Ivan! He hasn’t changed!

Margueritte Diamond Boyle The sky is blue, 
The grass is green,
Please may I have my halloween? 
Marian Maguire Great photo.

Susan Naismith Ivan must be loving you for this! 

The Blantyre Project i know not to tag him. lol
Joanne Veverka Aww Ivan -I remember you in this ….I just love the mother of pearls.Really suits you.Make sure you show this to Lorraine tonight……
Elaine Currie Akelis Bin bag costumes and those masks with the two wee breathing holes and the plastic shiny witches hats  springwell used to do us proud, streets were always full of kids dressed to the 9s and so were our bags, filled with loads of goodies and so much fun, was our play piece for school sorted for weeks after 

Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley Its a shame,in this materialistic world kids don’t appreciate what wee did chocolate biscuit sweets nuts and bag of sweets, a went as Shirley bassey one year,singing hey big spender lol x

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