1908 Auchentibber Quoiting Team Medal

Whilst you may have seen this 1908 photo of Auchenitbber Quotiing Team shared by Alex Bowie, I wanted to show you something specific about it. Pictured at the back is Mr. James Nimmo. I’d always thought his chain was a pocket watch, as was the custom at the time when being photographed. However, on August 5th 2015, his great granddaughter Margaret Nimmo Lehmana contacted me to say she believed the pocket chain actually carried James’s prize winning quoiting medal. Margaret now has that very medal as shown here. Zooming in on the 1908 photo, it does indeed look like the exact same one!

Amazing! Margaret and I are connected though time, with my second great grand uncle, David Ritchie photographing her great grandfather!

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